Rice Fried by an A.I. Cooking Machine?

On this lazy Saturday afternoon, I was browsing through the vendor list on Foodpanda when a newcomer caught my attention (I'm pretty familiar with the usual suspects by now, thanks to an extensive food-ordering history). "Robo Chef Fried Rice" serves up an impressive repertoire of fried rice variations at pretty affordable prices too. Some of the... Continue Reading →

An Evening of Art Appreciation

So yesterday was my birthday. I woke up and thought that perhaps I should give myself a day's break, order lunch in via Deliveroo and simply while the day away watching dramas. Because it's my birthday. But almost as soon as the thought had come to my head, I decided against it. There is no time... Continue Reading →

Think Life is Tough? Think Again.

Self-employment is tough shit. The world likes to celebrate successful entrepreneurship. Just a couple of days ago I was reading an article on Vulcanpost about a 21 year old serial entrepreneur who has already run 5 businesses. Honestly, I don't exactly know how to feel about such articles. On one hand, I admit that they... Continue Reading →

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