Six Months Later…

I'm back! It was about 6 months since I'd last been here. I haven't forgotten this space, no, it was always lurking somewhere in a nook of my mind and it surfaces every now and then. But every time I'm about to get onto here to "get on with life", some thing else crops up... Continue Reading →


3D2N Staycation at Mandarin Orchard

As of last year, the best friend and I have decided that we will do a birthday staycation every year sometime end March because we are March and April babies. Last year we had a 2D1N stay at Rendezvous Hotel, which we thought was way too rushed for us to enjoy properly, so this year... Continue Reading →

Rice Fried by an A.I. Cooking Machine?

On this lazy Saturday afternoon, I was browsing through the vendor list on Foodpanda when a newcomer caught my attention (I'm pretty familiar with the usual suspects by now, thanks to an extensive food-ordering history). "Robo Chef Fried Rice" serves up an impressive repertoire of fried rice variations at pretty affordable prices too. Some of the... Continue Reading →

An Evening of Art Appreciation

So yesterday was my birthday. I woke up and thought that perhaps I should give myself a day's break, order lunch in via Deliveroo and simply while the day away watching dramas. Because it's my birthday. But almost as soon as the thought had come to my head, I decided against it. There is no time... Continue Reading →

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