I’d be honest.

Since almost 15 years ago I’d been starting and closing blogs, many of them. And for various reasons…

I didn’t like the blogging platform.

I didn’t like my domain name and had no idea why I started with it. -_-”

I lost inspiration.

I lost readers (or maybe I never had any in the first place other than a couple of close friends but I might have forced them to read I can’t remember).

But the most common reason of all is because daily life eventually got ahead of me and I had no time to sit down, reflect, arrange my thoughts, transfer pictures, edit pictures and write. And then the posting frequency dwindled and ultimately got forgotten.

And I forgot I even had the blog in the first place till the next time an itch to write strikes again like a virus.

If I’d had the tenacity to follow through since that 15 years ago? Maybe I could have been as famous as Xiaxue and become part of that pioneering batch! But I blame my own lack of perseverance, discipline and foresight in my youth.


That’s why she is famous and I’m not. Duh.

So why I am back again? With yet a new domain name which I hope I wouldn’t come to find distasteful again some time in the future.

I’d be honest. I’m always very honest. You’d soon learn.

I’m trying to establish myself as a freelance writer.

And what would I need? A journalism degree – Too late. 3 years of experience – Don’t have. Portfolio of previous published works – I could create a portfolio but um, I’m still trying to get published yes? A blog – Hey! I think I could do that!

And so I’m back.

15 years later. 15 years wiser. 15 years of life that had passed, teaching me of the values of perseverance, discipline, motivation, integrity, determination, creativity and many many more…

I’m still working on that foresight bit though. But how do you learn foresight? You either get it or you don’t right.

You know what? I’m thinking that perhaps I might just be able to make this one work.

Afterall, I love writing. That’s why I kept coming back to it throughout the years.

And I think I’m not all that bad! Now what do you think?


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