Rice Fried by an A.I. Cooking Machine?

On this lazy Saturday afternoon, I was browsing through the vendor list on Foodpanda when a newcomer caught my attention (I’m pretty familiar with the usual suspects by now, thanks to an extensive food-ordering history).

“Robo Chef Fried Rice” serves up an impressive repertoire of fried rice variations at pretty affordable prices too. Some of the more unique ones I noted include Hawaii Fried Rice, Tom Yum Fried Rice and Nasi Kampong Fried Rice. The prices were about $5.30 to $6.30 per serving.

But since I was only ordering for 2 people, to meet the minimum order amount of $15.00 I had to select 2 servings of the most expensive item on the menu – Signature Robo Chef Fried Rice ($8.30). It costs another $0.50 to add an egg or $1.50 to add coleslaw. I chose the egg option for both servings.

The estimated wait was supposed to be 40mins but I think I got my order before 30mins was up. Pretty impressive service there by Foodpanda.

Here’s how my signature fried rice whipped up by an artificial intelligence cooking machine looks like –


A generous serving of rice with the most amount of ingredients I’d ever encountered in a fried rice. Instead of using the standard Thai fragrant rice this was done using calrose rice, an oddly interesting choice. Apart from the spring onion and fried shallots seen in the photo there were also good-sized prawns, crab sticks, vegetables, mock char siew and even top shells. It is served with pickled green chilli and chilli paste, the latter which is a little too spicy for my tolerance level.

I liked the taste, I think it was pretty good. But it lacked the oh-so-important “wok hei” that is critical in distinguishing a good fried rice from an average one. I would also have preferred Thai fragrance rice instead of calrose rice, even though the latter is more expensive. Calrose rice tends to be a little bit softer and stickier than normal Thai rice, a consistency that is not so palatable post-frying.

It wouldn’t have been the most environmentally-friendly thing to do but I would also have preferred the chilli to be packed separately, especially the chilli paste.

The portion was so generous I was too full afterwards. I was delighted by the amount of different ingredients too.

Would I try Robo Chef Fried Rice again? Yes I certainly would. I would love to attempt the Seafood Fried Rice and Salted Fish Fried Rice next. The affordable price range is another enticing factor.

Robo Chef Fried Rice is a stall within the food court of AMK Hub.

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
#03-12 AMK Hub
Singapore 569933

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm



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