My Thoughts on Kong: Skull Island

Disclaimer: Spoiler alert – If you haven’t watched the movie and intend to, you may want to close the browser now. :S


This is not a movie review. I’m not here to discuss the cast, the acting or the plot. Yes, I enjoyed the movie. Yes, I would recommend it to others. That’s it to my review.

A lot of my emotions were stirred when I watched the movie. Firstly, I was really pissed off when the U.S. Army started to drop explosives on the island, killing animals without regard and forcing the rest out of their natural habitats. This was despite the fact that humans are the intruders here and whatever living ecosystem existed on the island it had been working just fine before humans decided to interfere.

Secondly, Colonel Packard waging war on Kong was just the most idiotic thing where I’m concerned. Because Kong killed many of his men Kong is therefore his enemy and needs to be taken down. As a human being supposedly with intellect, did he just put himself at the same level as Kong? How dare these intruders of Skull Island behave in such a self-justified manner when they were the clueless ones in the first place?!

When Kong knew that Mason Weaver meant no harm, Kong did not attack Weaver, and even saved her life later on. But when Packard learnt that Kong was just protecting his turf, he remained nonplussed, and continued to insist on taking Kong down. Seriously who is worse – human or primate?

The reason that I am so worked up over this storyline is because of this stupid Federal court ruling in December 2016. You can read about it here. I could really draw a parallel between the storyline and the damn ruling.

The ruling has it that a police officer can shoot a dog if it barks or moves when the officer enters a home.

What kind of a pea-brained judge could possibly pass such a ruling?!

You wouldn’t blame a man for for whacking an intruder with a baseball bat right? Because some stranger has unlawfully gained entry into his premise and the act potentially threatens his safety.

A dog is not going to know how to identify a policeman’s uniform. As far as he is concerned, the policeman is just like a stranger forcefully entering his owner’s turf. He does what a man would have done with a baseball bat – barks, bares teeth menacingly, and maybe even lounge himself at the intruder if he were trained to be a guard dog.

Which human being with even the most basic understanding of dogs wouldn’t expect a dog to guard his house?!

How could he have passed a rule that denies the dog his animal instinct? The cops could make intelligent and calculated decisions. A dog cannot, it only acts on its instincts.

He might as well pass a rule that says anyone can shoot down the owner of a house if he should deny one forceful entry into his own private residence. At least to me, it is in essence the same thing.

I can only imagine that the judge is a numbskull. Or perhaps he’s an animal hater. I just can’t understand for the life of me why human beings can consider themselves a more superior specie and have so little forbearance towards other living things.

I always say that my dog has a bigger heart than me and I have a lot to learn from him.

Judge Eric Clay, I hope you are proud of yourself. As far as I am concerned, you are worse than a dog.






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