Malacca Road Trip Part 1 – Mahkota Hotel & Tong Sheng Seafood

For one of the March weekends, the bestie and I, together with our partners, decided to take a drive up to Malacca for a short getaway.

On this very uneventful Saturday, our total journey hours were a whopping 6 to 6.5, no thanks to a massive jam at the Woodlands causeway that took a grand 3 hours! Fortunately, the weather was fine that day so at the very least we didn’t have to endure a hot scorching sun during the miserable wait to clear the immigration customs.

By the time we arrived at our hotel, all of us were delirious with joy and a great dose of hunger.

We had left it to the men to do the hotel booking, and so we ended up at this place called Mahkota Hotel Melaka. We chose a deluxe 2-bedroom apartment so that we can all be together.

Okay, so photos can be really deceiving. I know you wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos taken below, but Mahkota has really seen better days, a long long time ago. As far as my research goes, this hotel was built more than potentially 25 years ago. There were very obvious signs of aging and neglect. But we did pay only like SGD$25 per pax for the night so…

Be prepared to get what we paid for!

The living area…

We had a balcony that was perpetually locked so it was kinda pointless. There is no air-conditioning in the living area, only in the 2 bedrooms. That white box like thing on the left of the above picture houses a 21-inch CRT TV. Yup. A CRT TV! I’m amazed that it was even still working! Thanks to the TV, I got reminded again about how far technology has come and how we shouldn’t be taking things for granted…

Glimpse of sea view from the balcony
Dining area and kitchenette that had a sign above the stove saying cooking is not allowed (???)

There were 2 bathrooms, one with a standing shower and one with a bathtub. I found ants on the vanity in the main bathroom while the bestie said that there was a clump of hair at the water catchment in the standing shower of the other bathroom.

First bedroom
Second bedroom. Notice mouldy-looking walls on the left of the picture…

The mattress was weathered but no bed bug bites so all’s well. The pillows were also kinda stinky. I just wanted to knock out as quickly as possible so that I have no awareness of what I’m sleeping on. After this experience the bestie and I learnt our lesson and made a silent vow never to allow the men to take charge of booking hotels ever again. *sweat*

We didn’t lurk for long in the hotel at all, for it was already 6+pm and we haven’t had a decent meal for the whole day. A redeeming virtue of Mahkota was its location though – we were able to walk to most locations by foot. We headed to the famous Restoran Tong Sheng for our seafood feast.

Alas, there was already a long queue by the time we arrived. It was a day of waiting indeed. It wasn’t until a good hour wait later that we were finally shown our seats.

Obviously, we over-ordered. 8 dishes for 4 of us because we doubled up on the scallops which are apparently always OOS so must order more because #FOMO. Honestly, all the dishes were amazing, especially the MUST EAT signature Cheese Prawn Beehoon which I think is a very worthy contender for the Mellben crab beehoon.

BeFunky Collage_70
From top, left to right – cheese prawn beehoon, stir-fried vegetables, a pork dish, fried calamari
BeFunky Collage_119
Garlic scallops, fried prawn, crab

Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the exact names of the dishes apart from the very noteworthy cheese prawn beehoon. Everything was very fresh, especially evident in the huge succulent crabs. It doesn’t appear that huge in the picture but the crabs were really large – one of the largest pincers with the thickest crab meat I’d ever sunk my teeth into. We’d long since forgotten about the hour long wait!

We also had 3 or 4 bottles of beer between us. Seafood + beer – the ultimate combi! The total bill came up to be about RM$655. It wasn’t a cheap meal for sure, but then we really ate a lot! Would I recommend eating at Tong Sheng? Hmmm… I wouldn’t explain right now, but stay tuned to Part 2 of my Malacca travels to find out.

Restoran Tong Sheng – 377 & 378, Melaka Raya 6, Lorong 2 Jln Desa Duyong 3, Taman Melaka Raya, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia. Opening Hours: 5.30pm to 11pm, closed on Mondays. Phone: +60 16-776 7811


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