Healthy Food Options with Plentyfull

April has arrived – we have just moved into the second quarter of 2017. I don’t really know what to feel about that… :/

As March was my birthday month,  there were plenty of things going on, which explained my absence from this space for a couple of weeks. But I’m back now with lots of content to update!

I had a birthday meal with one of my rare ex-colleague-turned-forever-friend at Plentyfull last week. I’d been wanting to go ever since they opened in Millenia Walk late last year but there was no chance to, so I’m really glad we finally went.


I loved the interior designing of the eatery  as well as the sheer amount of space and natural light there was. The lighting was ample for beautiful photos yet easy on the eyes. We got there relatively early for lunch so even though it was a work day , we still managed to find seats easily before the apocalypse flooding in of the office lunch crowd.

Lovely communal table that can accommodate large group gatherings
Make full use of lunch hour by shopping for groceries here after the meal!

I still remembered that it was this grocery section that first attracted me to notice and step into the place when it first opened. Honestly the prices were a little steep compared to supermarkets, but healthier food options always are anyway. The good thing was they allowed buying in small denominations, such as one banana or one apple instead of a bundle. You know how it’s like sometimes when you are just craving for one fruit at that moment and you don’t really wanna buy 5 oranges and lug home 4 on the MRT?

Perfect looking bananas, almost unreal
An enticing display of desserts, pick an option to complete your meal with!

For $17, we got to choose a healthy base, a hearty main, and two sides. The portions were more than enough to fill us up not just comfortably, but EXTREMELY comfortably.

Spoilt for choice by the plethora of options

I chose greens as my base, chicken as my main, and had chickpeas and broccoli with edamame for sides. The chicken was tender and nicely seasoned, broccoli was slightly too raw for my preference, and the latte was just alright, but this ain’t no cafe after all so I wasn’t expecting it to be great.


My friend had barley + quinoa as her base, salmon as her main, and beetroot and brussels sprouts as her sides. The brussels sprouts were the best amongst all the sides in my opinion, although they may not look like much. I loved the hint of buttery taste. Salmon was flavourful and juicy.

After many days of feasting on seafood, buffets and an abundance of snacks, I was really glad to have a light and healthy meal for a change. I was surprised to see that there was actually quite a lot of people at Millenia Walk that day, a stark contrast from how quiet it used to be previously. I’m sure all the health food eateries must have helped, especially since there is a heightened awareness in eating clean these days.

Plentyfull was a very comfortable and conducive place for us to have a guilt-free meal and then lounge around for girly conversations. In fact, I think we were there catching up for a good four hours till we eventually left because we got too cold. I will definitely bring other friends back here again!

Plentyfull – 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596, Opening Hours: 10.30am to 10.30pm. Tel: 6493 2997. Website: Facebook Page:





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