Malacca Road Trip Part 3 – The Daily Fix Cafe

On Day 2, also the last day of our Malacca road trip, we woke up, had buffet breakfast at the hotel, and went to do some shopping around town. There were quite a few shopping centers opposite our hotel, but the shopping wasn’t fantastic (JB is better for shopping…). We did snag quite a few good priced personal care items at a Watsons store though.

After checking out from the hotel (GOODBYE MAHKOTA! See you NEVER!), we drove to Jonker street again. Jonker was different in the day, the roads were accessible by cars. We had late lunch at a cafe called The Daily Fix, a quaint place secretly tucked at the back of a souvenir shop, its presence only marked by a standing signboard at the souvenir shop front. Once we walked through the (somewhat boring) shop to the back though, we were greeted by a whole new space altogether…

The cafe was decorated with many vintage items. Decorative pieces were arranged together in an orderly yet haphazard fashion, if that even makes any sense. Somehow, even with what appears to be clutter, the result is a cosy and comfortable alcove that just makes me wanna kick off my shoes and lounge around for the rest of the afternoon…

Only that business was too robust for any meaningful lounging, unless you don’t mind being an A-hole and hogging a table while patronisers form a snaking queue outside, dagger stares in order.

An old black and white TV greeting us at the entrance to the cafe.
Old telephone sitting pretty on the display fridge.

Actually, I only meant to have coffee over here. But while waiting for us to get seated, I peered around and caught sight of all the delish-looking food that the other tables were having and I changed my mind. A hunger pang also kicked in at just the right moment. In the end all of us had food with a drink each.

The Daily Fix has an extensive coffee selection.
Tomato-based pasta (forgot the name!)
Cream-based carbonara
French toast with vanilla ice cream
Pandan and gula melaka pancakes

Every item was beautifully plated and presented. All the food tasted good as well, especially the desserts. I had the carbonara, and I wouldn’t say it’s the type of carbonara that I like, but it was definitely very different and unique. My latte also tasted awesome. ‘had no idea how or why the coffee beans were different, but the taste was distinctly unlike the specialty coffees I’m used to in Singapore cafes. I can’t say if it’s better or worse, just that it’s dissimilar but I liked it enough.


We had no space for more desserts but these were looking perfect in the display fridge.

Old school candies that I grew up with!

After lunch and along the way back to the car, we saw this sweetie!


What a handsome looking spaniel! He was just sitting there in the basket waiting for his owner outside a shop. Such a good boy he is! Seeing him made me miss Mario so much! :(((


I couldn’t help but take a picture with him. He’s so sweet…

His owner came back and called out to him, and he promptly stood up and took his “place” on the pillion seat behind his owner on the motorbike. The duo just rode away like that, with the dog sitting on the pillion seat. :/ It was cute to watch for sure, but I was very concerned about the dog. I don’t know why the owner wouldn’t make him sit in the basket, where I’m sure would have been way safer than balancing behind his back. The owner obviously loves his dog but… I don’t know… Would he have put his toddler there on the pillion seat unsecured?

It was about 4pm by then, and it was time for us to say our goodbyes to Malacca and start on a 3-hour drive back home. Despite it being short, we did have some pretty enjoyable moments here and savoured some awesome food that we couldn’t otherwise have gotten elsewhere. Here are some of the takeaways I had of Malacca that might be useful for anyone who’s interested it going there…

  • For those driving, having a functional Google Map would be very helpful. Either activate the data roaming plan for a month with your service provider or get a local sim with data in JB.
  • Grab cars there are extremely inexpensive. Especially since traffic can get quite heavy and parking lots hard to find, taking a Grab car around town can make more sense than driving.
  • The exchange rate in JB is marginally better than that in Malacca. There is also no money exchanger on Jonker Street, make sure to change your currency in the shopping malls if you need to.
  • Malacca is not a town that never sleeps. The massage parlours here close by around 1, 2am. Only very few eateries will remain open late or through the night.
  • Malaccans can speak very good English, and many of them, even the older folks can speak English.

And finally, here’s the address of The Daily Fix Cafe – 55 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker st)
75200 Malacca City, Tel – +60 6-283 4858, Opens from 9am to 11.30pm, Facebook URL:




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